How Long Does Concrete lifting Last?

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Concrete lifting or  slabjacking can be used to restore a sunken slab. With the use of polyurethane foam, we can create a long lasting repair that will keep your concrete level and in good shape for years to come. Concrete Jacking with polyurethane foam is a long-term fix Concrete lifting with foam is not a […]

Concrete Lifting and Leveling Costs

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Huge savings over replacement The average concrete lifting repair cost about 1/4 to 1/2 of replacement costs. This mean huge savings to you as a customer. Also we can lift and repair your concrete in a small fraction of the time as well. Some repairs taking as little as an hour. The average residential repair […]

Concrete Lifting and Leveling Benefits

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Concrete lifting and leveling: The benefits 1. Minimal damage Concrete lifting with foam only requires drilling of 5/8 or 3/8 hole in your slab. We can then inject foam at high pressure under your concrete and the chemical reaction produces foam and lifts your slab. After lifted, we patch those small hole with cement grout. […]