Concrete Lifting and Leveling Benefits

Concrete lifting and leveling: The benefits

1. Minimal damage

Concrete lifting with foam only requires drilling of 5/8 or 3/8 hole in your slab. We can then inject foam at high pressure under your concrete and the chemical reaction produces foam and lifts your slab. After lifted, we patch those small hole with cement grout. This gives you a very small imperfection in your concrete surface. Mudjacking required drilling larger 1-2 inch holes. Concrete replacement can cause damage to your yard or other areas with the removal and replacement. Polyurethane foam lifting is truly the least

2. Lower costs

Concrete lifting is an affordable options to replacement. At 1/4 to 1/2 the cost of replacement, polyurethane foam lifting creates a long lasting repair to bring your current concrete back to its original state. Although foam is more expensive that mudjacking, its has lots of benefits to out way the slightly higher cost.

3. Reduce chance of injury

Lifting your concrete back to its original state and eliminating raised joint and crack will reduce tripping hazards. Keep your home and business safe and repair your concrete to a flat and safe state. Trips and falls can cause major injury to you, your loved ones, or customers. Keep everyone safe and lift your concrete today.

4. Results in minutes

Concrete lifting with polyurethane foam creates a long lasting repair that can be used again within minutes of finishing the repair. No need to wait for concrete to cure or mud to dry. Polyurethane foam setups up to its full strength quickly and created ad long term repair that usable right away.