Foundation Lifting

Foundation lifting with polyurethane foam can create a long term foundation repair. With the use of deep foam injection as well as standard concrete lifting, TCS can lift and stabilize your foundation back to its original height and strength.

The difference between polyurethane foam foundation lifting and helical piers

Helical piercing is done with steel posts driven through soil. Hydraulic jacks are used to raise or stabilize concrete slabs. This kind of repair require excavation around your foundation and makes a mess of your yard. Though it is a very affective repair, its very expensive and damaging to the land around the house.

Foundation lifting with polyurethane foam involves a combination of deep foam injection and regular concrete lifting. We drive long injection rods into the ground under the foundation, and with the use of hydrophobic polyurethane foam, we push out water, fill voids in soils, and lift up the foundation. This can then be tied with regular concrete lifting to make fine height adjustments and fully stabilize the whole foundation.


Costs of helical piers vs foam foundation lifting

Foundation repair specialists estimate that piercing a house will cost between $10,000 and $50,000 depending on the costs of hiring an engineer ($500-1500), getting soil reports from a geotechnical engineering ($500-3,500), applying for building permits ($75-500), seismic works in earthquake areas ($3,000 to $4000), and removing tree roots ($1,000 to 2,500). Then there is the cost of the helical piers and installation. After this, there may be additional costs for landscaping to return your yard to its original state.

Foundation lifting with polyurethane foam can be much cheaper. Although engineering may be required still, in many minor repair cases, we can do a repair without many of those upfront costs. Polyurethane foam foundation lifting can range from $2000-$20,000 on most house and the degree of repair. We then do not cause major damage to your yard meaning no landscaping needed.

Foundation lifting with polyurethane foam can return you foundation to its original state at lower cost and with less intrusion to your yard.

If you suspect foundation problems, consult a concrete lifting specialist like Technical Construction Solutions. We may be able fix the problem or refer you to a foundation repair specialis