Concrete Lifting and Leveling Costs

Huge savings over replacement

The average concrete lifting repair cost about 1/4 to 1/2 of replacement costs. This mean huge savings to you as a customer. Also we can lift and repair your concrete in a small fraction of the time as well. Some repairs taking as little as an hour. The average residential repair typically averages in the $800 to $2500 range. Some commercial jobs and highway jobs can be very expensive but still saves the customer a large amount of money and time.


Material requirements can affect costs as well. With high density polyurethane foam available in densities from 2.5 to 10lb per cubic inch, the product needed for a particular repair can affect job costs.  The higher the density needed, the more expensive the job is be per square foot of area lifted.

Overage Fees and Pound Price

Although we do our best to provide accurate estimates, there is many unknown when estimating concrete lifting. Large voids under the concrete take extra material to fill to give full support and lifting of your concrete. Extra charged based on the additional pounds of foam used will be in addition to our original bills. Customers are always informed of this and we at TCS discuss overages with customers before we proceed past the original estimate costs.


TCS provides and 3-5 year residential and commercial warranty on our concrete lifting services. Although we hope all our projects create long lasting results, if there is an issue, we have you covers. TCS will return and repair and warranty issues with no cost to the customer.

Crack & Joint Repairs

High quality sealants are recommended to seal cracks and spaces between concrete joints. Joint and crack repair are not usually included in standard raising. We do offer crack and joint seal services though at TCS to cover all needed repairs of your