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Elevate your sunken concrete at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Dealing with sunken concrete can be a significant hassle. It poses tripping hazards, drainage problems, potential for future cracks, and simply detracts from the aesthetics of your property. Leveledworks utilizes advanced polyurethane geotechnical high-density foam to effectively stabilize soil, fill voids, and restore concrete to its proper level.

Whether it’s a sidewalk, driveway apron, commercial building, or highway, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your lifting needs. Save both money and time by opting for our concrete lifting services at Leveledworks.

Concrete Lifting Made Simple: Our 3-Step Process

At Leveledworks, we believe in simplifying the concrete lifting process for our valued clients. With our proven 3-step method, we ensure precision, efficiency, and lasting results. Trust our expertise to lift your concrete surfaces with care and professionalism, restoring both function and aesthetics to your property.

We begin by strategically drilling small 5/8 or 3/8-inch holes into your concrete surface. These holes are carefully placed to ensure effective lifting.

Injection ports are securely inserted into these drilled holes. Through these ports, our team injects polyurethane geotechnical lifting foam at high pressure and temperature. This gradual process ensures safe and precise elevation of your concrete to the desired level.

Once the lifting is completed, we remove the injection ports. To achieve a seamless appearance, we patch the drilled holes with a concrete mix, leaving behind a smooth and uniform finish.

Service Gallery: See Our Concrete Lifting in Action!

Enhancing Stability with Deep Foam Injection and Soil Stabilization

Deep foam injection is a specialized technique involving the insertion of rods into the ground at depths ranging from 1 to 20 feet. Once inserted, single or dual component foams are carefully injected into the ground to effectively stabilize soils and subgrades. As the rods progress upward, the injection process continues, gradually removing moisture and binding the soil together.

This method offers multifaceted benefits, including lifting structures, reinforcing roads, sealing culverts, and more. By utilizing deep foam injection, significant time and cost savings are achieved compared to full-scale reconstruction or replacement of subgrade soils. The result is a durable, long-lasting, and stable repair solution that enhances overall structural integrity.

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Void Filling Solutions: Protecting Structures

Leveledworks offers efficient void filling services to address washout-induced voids beneath slabs and structures. Using low exothermic fill foams, we ensure complete filling to prevent further damage. Our durable foams resist degradation over time, providing long-lasting protection. Contact us for inquiries and assistance.

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