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Is Your Foundation Sinking?

Come to us for foundation lifting services in Brainerd, Baxter & St Cloud, MN

Sinking foundations can cause major issues to your house or structure. Cracked drywall, cracked block or concrete walls and floors, failing structural integrity, and more are all issues caused by a sinking foundation. If not repaired, it can lead to a possible total loss of a structure or home. TCS uses polyurethane structural lifting foam to fill voids under your structure and lift it up to its original height. Jacks can also be used to assist in the lifting process. This process is typically causes very little or zero damage to your yard area as well. If you are in need of foundation repair and lifting near Brainerd, Baxter or St Cloud, MN, call Technical Construction Solutions at 218-820-9340 today.

4 warning signs you have a damaged foundation

A damaged foundation compromises the entire structure. Be on the lookout for these four signs that you’re in need of foam foundation lifting services:

1. Visible cracks in your foundation
2. Cracks in your Sheetrock
3. Doors out of square or sticking frequently
4. Bouncy, cracked or uneven floors

Have you noticed any of these problems recently? Get in touch with our team today for foundation repairs.