Blown-In Insulation vs. Spray Foam Insulation

Which is better for what and why?

Blown in vs spray foam is a highly debated topic among builders and home owners. They both have their advantage and disadvantages and can be used together to create the best outcome for any job. Spray foam shines in just about ever aspect besides cost. It is truly the best of the best and over time more than pays for itself.  When installed properly, along with seam caulking, it can create an extreme air tight seal in the building and provide unmatched BTU retention.  Blown in is more cost affective to install but does lack in the ability to create an air seal. It also takes a lot of blown in material to match the BTU retention of spray foam. It can be used very effectively though, especially for flat attic insulation.

For most homes and other structures, we always recommend spray foam in walls. It truly gives the structure the best insulation value, air seal, moisture control and increased structural strength. For flat attic, we can install blown in insulation in a very effective manner along with spray foamed rafter vents. This creates a highly efficient attic system with reduces cost over 100% spray foam. For vaulted/cathedral trusses, we recommend spray foam. Spray foam direct to the roof deck in these vaulted areas give you the best insulation and air seal value without future issues of settling that blown in can have. It also make installation of electrical, HVAC, and plumbing much easier.

Whatever you budget you have, TCS can work with you to fulfill your needs and create an efficient space to heat and cool.