Storden Concrete Lifting Services

Foam Injection and Concrete Lifting Service Provider serving Storden

Considering that 2020, TCS has actually been giving concrete lifting and foam injection services to both household and business customers throughout Storden and the bordering location. To fix sunken concrete at your home or company, we utilize state-of-the-art, polyurethane injection training (likewise referred to as slabjacking). Since polyurethane foam is a lot more sturdy and secure than mudjacking, he picked to use it. You can likewise utilize smaller sized port openings, which suggests less damages to concrete surfaces. TCS can likewise raise asphalt utilizing deep foam injection innovation. TCS can provide a remedy for all your training requires.

TCS can help with concrete sidewalls as well as huge projects like airport terminals and freeways, shop floors, structures, and structures in Storden as well as nearby cities like Westbrook, Jeffers, Dovray, Delft, Revere, Lamberton, Walnut Grove, Dundee, Sanborn, Windom.

Setup of polyurethane training foam by professionals in locations such as:

  • Driveways
  • Structures
  • Floors
  • Patios
  • Slabs
  • Walkways
  • Pathways
  • Warehouses
  • Maker pads
  • Highways
  • Bridges
  • Airports
  • More

Storden Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting, likewise referred to as slabjacking, foamjacking or mudjacking is the act of drilling openings into concrete and infusing material beneath the slab in order to increase it to quality. TCS just utilizes high-density polyurethane foam for resilient repair work.

Storden Foundation Lifting

There are numerous kinds of foundation training. TCS utilizes a mix deep foam injection and regular concrete lift to support sunken structures. This is a a lot more gentle procedure than helical Piers.

Storden Deep Foam Injection

Deep foam injection involves driving long poles into ground to inject high thickness polyurethane foam in dirts. This can be utilized to support or raise dirts and structures, as well as displace water.

Residential Concrete Lifting Contractor

Sunken concrete isn’t just an eyesore—it’s also a walking and driving hazard. Even a quarter inch difference between one section of concrete and the next can cause trip hazards and injuries.
Technical Construction Solutions can help with this. We lift and level your concrete to make sidewalks, patios, pool decks, floors, garage slabs and more like new again.

Commercial Concrete Jacking Contractor

Technical Construction Solutions provides concrete lifting, foundation lifting, machinery support solutions, soil stabilization for all commercial and highway construction projects and businesses.
We can lay the groundwork for a quality, lasting commercial construction project. TCS is proud to offer our polyjacking services to commercial property owners in Storden.

Full Service Insulation Contractor Storden

TCS is a full-service insulation professional that serves Storden. While our specialized is shut cell spray foam we likewise provide open cell foam, roofing foam and batt insulation services. We provide insurance coverage replacement and brand-new construction as well as remodels and retrofits. TCS can take care of all kinds of tasks and provides professional and top quality services at a budget-friendly price. We are proud to serve Storden residents as well as customers in Westbrook, Jeffers, Dovray, Delft, Revere, Lamberton, Walnut Grove, Dundee, Sanborn, Windom

  • Attic rooms
  • Basements
  • Cathedral Ceilings
  • Conditioned Attic spaces
  • Cold Spaces
  • Floors
  • Garages
  • Barns
  • Steel Structures
  • Wall Cavities
  • Wood and/or Steel Building And Construction
  • Underslab (for heated floorings).

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray polyurethane foam insulation can be utilized in both household and business building and constructions. Spray polyurethane foam can be acquired in shut or open cell forms. Since it acts as an insulation, air seal and vapor obstacle, shut cell foam is great for colder climate areas. This item is truly a three-in-one and substantially improves the structure’s strength. Spray foam is pricey upfront, but it can conserve you up to 50% on your cooling and home heating costs. This will result in a quick ROI.
blown in insulation

Blown In Insulation Storden

Blown-in fiberglass and cellulose are typically utilized in attic rooms in a loose fill application. Blown-in insulation can likewise be utilized in wall systems with the BIBS (blown in blanket system) or thick pack. TCS provides both services to consumers based upon our consumers demands and budget plan.