Lift our sunken concrete for ¼ to ½ of replacement costs.

Sunken concrete can be a major headache. It can create a tripping hazard, drainage issues, future cracks, and just be plain ugly. With the use of polyurethane geotechnical high density foam, TCS can stabilize soil, fill voids, and lift concrete back to it proper height. From a sidewalk or apron, to a commercial building or highway, we can cover all your lifting needs with a variety of products and processes. Save money and time with concrete lifting from Technical Construction Solutions today.

Concrete Lifting Process

Concrete lifting is an easy 3 step process. First we drill small 5/8 or 3/8 holes in your concrete in strategic locations. We install injection ports into these holes. Next, we injection polyurethane geotechnical lifting foam into the ports at high pressure and temperature. This process is done slowly to safely lift your concrete to the desired height. Last, the ports are removed and the holes are then patched with concrete mix to fill them in leaving a smooth finish.

Joist Sealing

Joint sealing is a process used to seal concrete joints and cracks. With the use of multiple colored silicon seals, we can match your existing concrete and close as possible. Some cracks or joints are to wide to just put sealant in. For these joints, foam backer rod is installed first and then sealant is installed over the top. Sealing joints and cracks is important as it prevents water from running under your concrete and causing more damage or sinkage.

Deep Foam Injection and Soil Stabilization

Deep foam injection is a process of driving rod into the ground 1 to 20 feet deep. From there, single or dual component foams are injected into the ground to stabilize the soils and subgrades. Rods can then be moved further and further up to the surface, continually injection foam. This will remove all of the moisture and glue all the soil together. This process can also be using to lift up structures, roads, seal culvers and more. Using deep foam injection can save time and money over doing a full reconstruction and replacement of subgrade soils and create long lasting and stable repair.

Void Filling

Washout can cause large voids under slabs and structure. Some sink hole areas can be big enough to jeopardize a whole structure. TCS can come fill these voids with low exothermic fill foams. This will flow into all voids and completely fill the area preventing further damage. Like regular lifting foam, this product will not break down and wash away over time like dirt and soil can. Fill foam can also be used to seal off pipes, culverts, mine shafts, and many more structures as well. For any more questions, contact TCS today.