Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting (also known as slab jacking, polyjacking, mudjacking, concrete raising, grout pumping and slab leveling) is the process of raising you existing concrete back to its original height. TCS used only polyurethane lifting foam to lift and level your concrete. Polyurethane foam has many advantages of mudjacking and is why we choose to use the poly foam lifting process. Call TCS today for a free quote to raise and restore your concrete today.

Technical Construction Solutions can lift and repair concrete that has sunk around your home, business, or local highways to eliminate hazards and create long lasting repairs. We do this at 1/4 to 1/2 the cost of replacement.

Slabs, driveways, patios, floors and more can be leveled in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin using a polyurethane foam injection method.

Settlement and sinking concrete can happen in any location, including driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios, garage floors, pool decks, patios, shop floors, warehouses, bridge decks, highways and more. The soil beneath a concrete slab shrinks and settles, which leaves voids underneath the slab. Concrete will sink if the soil is no longer supporting it. This creates uneven surfaces and creates the need for repairs. Let TCS give you a free estimate today to repair your concrete at a fraction of replacement costs.

Advantages of Concrete Lifting

sunken concrete can be very expensive to replace. Lifting can cost as little as 1/4 to 1/2 replacement costs. Polyurethane foam lifting is an effective process that can restore your concrete level and bring your slab back to its original height. This will create a smooth surface that prevents further cracking or sinking. The concrete leveling process can improve curb appeal and eliminate dangerous conditions. Your concrete life expectancy will be extended without the need to be replaced.

Uneven sidewalks not only look bad but also pose a danger to pedestrians. Don’t spend money to replace concrete slabs that are still in good shape. We can raise your sunken sidewalk using polyurethane foam. This will allow you to walk on it in minutes. You save time and money with our sidewalk leveling service.

When relaxing on your patio, you don’t need to be concerned about tripping on uneven concrete. Uneven concrete can cause your chairs and table to wobble. Concrete leveling is a great way to eliminate these problems and create a smooth and safe surface. Patios sunken toward the house can also cause water to run back and into your foundation wall or footings. This water and cause damage to your house. We can lift your patios back to the proper height and slope to prevent this and make water run away from your home.

Garage floor and aprons can often sunk and cause water drainage issues and uneven surfaces. With the use of polyurethane foam, we can lift these concrete piece back up to their proper level. This process and fast and costs much less than replacement.

Concrete Lifting Services

Are you looking for commercial or residential concrete solutions in Minnesota, North Dakota South Dakota, or Wisconsin? We can help! Poly foam can be used in a wide range of applications such as concrete lifting, leveling, soil stabilization, foundation lifting and void filling. Find out more about our  polyurethane foam lifting and leveling services near you.

Polyurethane Foam Lifting Advantages

Here at TCS we choose to use polyurethane foam lifting vs mud/grout  jacking for many reason. Here are a few.
  • Poly foam only requires a 5/8 inch hole to be drilled vs a 1-2 inch holes when mudjacking. This gives a lower chance of having cracking at the hole site as well as a much smaller blemish and visible repair done to the concrete.
  • Poly foam is light weight ranging from 2 to 8lb per cubic foot depending on foam density spec’d. Mudjacking material is 100+ lb per cubic foot. This adds a large amount of weight to an area with a sinking problem already and can cause it to continue to sink more over time
  •  Multiple types of poly foam can be used to achieve results. Hydrophobic foam displaces and pushes water out from the soils and is typically what is used in lifting repairs. Hydrophilic foam absorbs water as part of its chemical reaction and is used primarily for soil stabilization with deep foam injection. Mudjacking on the other, adds water to the subgrade. This can lead to an increase in voids as the water dries and cause the slab to start sinking again.
  • Poly foam is a longer lasting repair. Due to polyurethane foam being lightweight, none moisture absorbing, and dimensionally stable, once it’s injected and cured, it stays in place and does not wash away or become spongy. Mudjacking on the other hand can shrink once some of the moisture dries out after install. It can also start to wash away and move as moisture content of the soils goes up and down.
  • Poly foam is consistent. The product is mixed with high tech equipment at a 1:1 ratio and has a fixed reaction. The end product is the same every time. Mudjacking can be inconsistent as it is mixed and batched constantly all day, often by hand. This leads to inconsistencies of the mud being injected which can lead to different long term results for different areas of the project.
  • Poly foam is a fast set product. Its reaction and cure times are typically in less than 1 minute in which after the foam is dimensionally stable. Mudjacking can take hours to days to fully dry and can shrink in the process leading to further repairs needed to lift the area to desired final height. Poly also is not affected by frost as it does not contain water like mudjacking. This means more consistent in cold months as well as less likely to have a patch hole fail and have a raised or popped out plug.

Why replace your concrete that is still in good shape when you can lift and level it. Let TCS take care of all your concrete lifting needs and produce long term repairs at a fraction of replacement costs. Click here for a free estimate.

Before Concrete Lifting

Concrete Lifting Process